Creating a Miracle
Child with Yoga

Veena S. Gandhi, M.D., FACOG

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Creating a Miracle Child with Yoga


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Hi-Tech Yoga…
Jerry Steinhoff, Marketing Director, MetaSense Inc. (19-Dec-2014)
Perhaps this cartoon should be captioned, "The Joy of Yoga." What it does tell us or remind us is that today’s Yoga practices can be as potentially important in our daily lives as the computer. And, given the hectic, demanding, yet, at the same time, often immobile nature of our modern existence, Yoga, with its potential benefits both physically and mentally, can be more important today than ever before!
So, what does all this have to do with pregnancy? …Everything!
At this time in your life, having access to the potential physical and mental benefits of Yoga can be more important and valuable than at any other time… potentially benefitting the expecting father and the unborn child as well as the expecting mother.
Much can be found in the literature, in magazines and on the internet regarding Yoga during pregnancy. Obviously, some of the more strenuous forms of Yoga are to be avoided at this time. And, your obstetrician should be consulted before starting yogic exercises. But, yogic exercises, meditation and breathing practices can help to better prepare you, the expectant mother, for that amazing event. The practice of Yoga keeps you limber, tones your muscles, and improves your balance and circulation, with little impact on your joints. It helps your breathing, an important component for delivery, and it may even further the bond that develops between mother and child.
I highly recommend Dr Gandhi’s book, Creating a Miracle Child with Yoga. Whether you are currently practicing yoga or new to the fold, there are things in the book which will be helpful as you progress through pregnancy and after. She guides you through those efforts which are appropriate at the various stages of pregnancy from pre-conception to pregnancy to post–partum recovery. There’s even a section on diet. As a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist practicing here in New Jersey, with years of experience practicing and teaching yoga and the mother of two, Dr. Gandhi is uniquely qualified to guide hopeful and expecting mothers through the wonders of yoga.
Disclaimer: Please consult your obstetrician before starting yogic exercises. Author does not take responsibility for inappropriate yogic exercises.
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